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The Business activity in Batam Island and in the South East Asian region is growing very fast  therefore our company has to commited to work together with our Company Group to enlighten and speed up the process of transportation demand in the region.

Batam Island situated is the closest Island to Singapore and the status of Batam is stated as the Bonded Zone so that the role of this island is so strategically as the water front and the  entering gate into Indonesia and other country regions.

Freight and Forwarding company is playing the important role to support the various industries which those are needed the fastest and timely delivery time to support their cost more effective and efficiency. PT. Ghita Unggul Citra with the Company Group Members work together as a solid Teamwork to solve this Shipping Busines matters. This way is more effective to win the business. Our Teamwork is based on cross/mutual support. benefit to fulfill the nowadays market demands.


about us

First of all we would like to Welcome you and thanks for visiting our website. In this opportunity let us also to introduce briefly about our company.

PT. Ghita Unggul Citra established in the year of  2012 in Batam Island, Accordance with Notarial Act Registered No:11 Dated on 29 February 2012 Stated in Batam Kepulauan Riau Indonesia, as a Freight and Forwarding Company.
Based on  our  skills. passion, experiences and services to the Shipping Business, finally we decided  to build   a Freight Forwarding Company in order we could be able to expand our wings in taking part in this business field.

 Our company built after so many years  we had been working for our former employers, this opportunity, encourage us to apply  our skills by running our business supported  by many colleagues and  business partner  relationship. Unforgettable the positive contribution from our former employers companies  which have  been helping us to grow up and made more wisely smarter in solving the business matters.

We Do and  We Care is our motto in giving the services to our  customers needs, beside we keep learning to understand the  values and  knowledge of running  the smarts shipping business in positive ways.

The Following is The 5 Members of our Company Group as follows:

PT. Ghita Unggul Citra , Batam

PT. Alauna Selaras Abadi, Batam

PT. Dwi Unggul Citra, Batam

PT. Andalan Asia Logistics, Jakarta.

PT. Antlantic Globe, Batam.






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